A gema escondida da Santa Luzia

Alojamento Local : 124037/AL

Casinha Secreta is located in Santa Luzia, but where exactly is that?

Santa Luzia is located in the "concelho" Tavira, in the district of Faro, in the southernmost province of Portugal: The Algarve.

The part east of Faro to the border with Spain, the Eastern Algarve, is also called the "Sotavento".
From Faro airport it is about a 25-minute drive east to reach Santa Luzia.
Santa Luzia Algarve
Santa Luzia is more than just a fishing village... it is the "Capital do Polvo" (capital of the Octopus), which you also notice on the many terraces.
You will also find opportunities for water activities and can enjoy a quiet spot somewhere on the 12 km long beach, divided over "Praia do Barril", "Terra Estreita" & "Ilha de Tavira".
From the small coastal boulevard of the village you have a magnificent view of the fishing port and the boats that are anchored in the Ria Formosa (the nature reserve along the coastline of the Eastern Algarve). Not only fishing boats leave, but you can also take the ferry or a water taxi to "Terra Estreita", or a tourist train to "Praia do Barril". On these beautiful, quiet beaches, located in the nature reserve Ria Formosa, you are never close to your neighbor and there are several beach pavilions.
Santa Luzia
Ria Formosa
Praia do Barril
Casinha Secreta is located less than 100m from this boulevard, where you can find countless nice restaurants and "pastelerias", just like in the cozy streets and squares of Santa Luzia, where you will also find the local supermarkets (around the corner).
For the larger supermarkets, a shopping center, or to stray through the old centers, it is only 5 minutes by car to Tavira, or 10 minutes to Olhão. The nearby slightly larger and historic towns.
In Tavira you can immediately drive or walk through the Salinas (salt mines), and very often spot flamingos, storks, and other bird species. Olhão, with one of the largest fishing ports in Portugal, is known for its Moorish mercado and adjacent fresh market.
Flamingo Salina
Mercado Olhao
The location of Santa Luzia is therefore perfect for visits to Tavira & Olhão, but it does not stop there. From here you can not only visit coastal villages, but also inland into the mountains.
So, whether you like to walk, cycle, or take a tour by car... It's all possible here.
From Ayamonte even further into Spain to Seville, towards Faro and further into the Western Algarve, or inland to the province of "Alentejo", it is all possible.
One thing is certain: If you like a pleasant hustle and bustle or a moment for yourself, honest fresh food, beautiful nature, but everything equally authentic, then this is the perfect holiday location.

For excursions and sights in the Algarve we have several informative guides for you & we are happy to help you with tips.

Casinha Secreta is therefore the perfect base for your holiday in the Algarve.